Tosca is a gripping opera in three acts by Giuseppe Verdi, set to a libretto by Luigi Illica and Giuseppe Giacosa. It's based on the play, La Tosca, by Victorien Sardou. This opera is a thrilling tale of passion, betrayal, and tragic sacrifice, set against the backdrop of political turmoil in Rome. Known for its dramatic intensity and memorable arias, Tosca is a staple in the operatic repertoire, showcasing the emotional power and depth of opera.

Cesare Angelotti in “Tosca” is a character of compelling depth and significance. As a former Consul of the Roman Republic turned political prisoner, his daring escape and desperate plight set the opera’s thrilling narrative in motion. Angelotti’s role, though not in the foreground, is imbued with a sense of bravery and resilience, reflecting the opera’s themes of political struggle and personal sacrifice. His interactions, especially with the painter Cavaradossi, are not only pivotal to the plot but also poignantly underscore the human cost of political turmoil. Angelotti’s character enriches the opera with a layer of dramatic intensity and adds a profound human dimension to the story, resonating with the audience’s sense of empathy and justice.

Staged at New Orleans Opera

Photo Credit: New Orleans Opera


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