“Opus” – a term that embodies the essence of a composer’s or artist’s life work. In this spirit, Ivan Griffin, an acclaimed American bass-baritone, opens the doors of his Opus, inviting aspiring singers and enthusiasts into the world shaped by his remarkable journey. Ivan’s career, marked by performances across Europe and the United States, and roles ranging from operatic classics to contemporary compositions, stands as a testament to his versatility and depth as an artist. His Opus is more than a collection of performances; it’s an invitation to learn from a master who has traversed the globe with his powerful voice and compelling presence.

Private Lessons

In the private lessons section, Ivan Griffin extends a rare opportunity to learn one-on-one from a maestro who has graced stages worldwide. Ivan’s extensive experience in operas like “Porgy and Bess” and his debut in “Afram ou la Belle Swita,” combined with his ability to premiere complex works written specifically for his voice, provides a rich foundation for personalized instruction. Students can expect to:

  • Dive deep into vocal techniques honed on international platforms.
  • Explore a diverse repertoire, from the classics of Mozart and Monteverdi to contemporary works.
  • Receive guidance tailored to their unique voice, style, and aspirations.
  • Benefit from Ivan’s exceptional diction and keen sense of theater, elements crucial to any aspiring opera singer.


The masterclasses with Ivan Griffin offer a group learning experience under the tutelage of a performer celebrated for his “heroic” versatility across languages and styles. Participants will engage in sessions that illuminate the intricacies of operatic performance and the broader world of vocal music. These masterclasses are a chance to:

  • Gain insights from Ivan’s rich operatic engagements and his experience in oratorios and recitals.
  • Learn the art of storytelling through music, a skill Ivan has showcased in diverse roles across major opera houses.
  • Understand the dynamics of performance, from vocal prowess to stage presence.
  • Experience the thrill of collective learning, sharing in the passion for opera and vocal music that Ivan embodies.

Connect With Ivan Griffin

I cherish the power of music to unite and inspire. I look forward to collaborating and creating harmonies that bridge cultures and hearts. Please reach out to discuss potential performances, joint projects, or inquire about lessons/classes.

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