Ivan Griffin in Gounod’s “Faust”: “Vous, qui faites l’endormie”

Charles Gounod’s “Faust” is celebrated for its lush melodies and profound exploration of themes like desire, regret, and redemption.

This opera, a staple in the repertoire, is based on Goethe’s tragic play and tells the story of Faust, an aging scholar who makes a pact with Méphistophélès (the devil) in exchange for youth, knowledge, and earthly pleasures.

Here, Ivan Griffin showcases his versatility and vocal prowess. His interpretation of this piece, known for its depth and complexity, highlights his ability to convey nuanced emotions and connect with the audience. Ivan’s performance brings out the aria’s dramatic and seductive qualities, demonstrating his mastery in operatic storytelling.

Credit: Opera Louisiane
Pianist: Michael Borowitz, Artistic Director, Opera Louisiane
Painting: Dr. Fausto by Jean-Paul Laurens


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